Our dream

That day, our childhood dream played all its cards…

As a professional Cicero, it shows up to the appointment and drives us to the discovery of The Palace. It tells of furniture of the last century come from England, of an ancient door come from distant India to become a table and of a colored glass belonged to Queen Victoria that now filters a warm and charming light in one of the rooms.
Like a consummate art critic, it describes the beauty of an old painting, but like the most amazing illusionist it astonishes us by revealing that the picture hides a door.

A long staircase, similar to an art gallery - so many pictures are hung - leads to the upper floor where a giant and antique chandelier greets us. From a half-open door we can glimpse a small corner of paradise where to take shelter, forget everything and get lost in a fairy book of the early ‘900. Step by step, walking on the beautiful and ancient floors, we arrive in the bedrooms. Here, time seems suspended, our hands brush the beautiful fabrics, our eyes devour a precious and ancient console table and our mind, quickly, fantasizes about our future days, imagining ourselves within these walls, under so very high vaulted ceilings, surrounded by a so magical light.

While our fantasy is still running wild, we discover the tea room: how to imagine, from the outside of The Palace, that here, hidden among these thick walls, there is a corner so wonderfully elegant and naturally aristocratic? We are speechless, but our childhood dream resolutely opens a hidden door in the wall and a bright light floods the room. It is the entrance of the courtyard, that ancient common space where families, during the day, worked helping each other and, in the evening, huddled round to listen to the stories of the wise old men. Enchanted by soft pillows and beautiful flowers scattered hither and thither, we follow our dream, we go through the courtyard and cross a stone door: in front of us a small and lovely pool, under a vaulted ceiling made of local stone that let us glimpse a beautiful garden where colors, scents and benches invite us to indulge and enjoy our own time and take care of ourselves.

We sit on a bench, we look at our childhood dream and let it speak. " You never settled for something that was simply beautiful " - he says - "you have always been looking for something that was sublime."

And today, we live in this beautiful Palace. It is our “not so secret” heaven on earth and here every day is a gift to be fully enjoyed.

We're sincerely happy every time you decide to spend your best time among these ancient walls, immersed in a so indulgent mood of comfort and relax, to savor your intimacy or for a romantic break. Every day, we try to make sure that everything is special, and we are quietly confident that we will succeed. Always full of pampering, but with a discretion that will surprise you.

With love and sincere gratitude,

Anna Maria, Enrico and ours beautiful Golden Retriever Frisella and Pittula.

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